Thursday, January 13, 2011

Steinman Banquet Hall & catering Mexico Mo,

The Steinman Banquet Hall is in Mexico MO. It is very well known as always looking nice with an awsome country veiw over looking a private lake.  There are sevral spots for some really nice photo shoots like at the wagon or the water fall, or at the cannon etc.  The Hall is a family oriented Business owned by Nick & Becky Steinman with three awsome kids Adrienne will be 14 this Year, Caleigh will be 8 and the youngest is Lily which will be 7 and a blond lab (peanut) that is 2..   We  have a wonderful crew of people that are close freinds of each other.  Becky and Nick have many years of experience between the two of them, they have been KCBS members and have cooked in several competitions.

    What we have to offer is a Hall that holds 200 to 250 people with dinner lighting, we do have center peices that we offer to you to use to prevent additional cost, We do offer linnens on the tables as well for a small fee, We do allow you to bring your own alcohol in for your function, We host many out door weddings through out the year at the lakes edge.  Along with our facility Nick and Becky offer an in house or delivered  catering service as well  we service Columbia, Mexico, Fulton, Paris, Moberly,Centralia, Vandalia, Jeff City,...  You call and we will bid.  We have a wide variety of food to offer or pick you favorite it is all home made so for your wedding, reception, retirement, graduation, party, cater, catering, hall, suprise, etc.

Steinman Banquet Hall & Catering
Free Bids
Becky Steinman 573-253-0948
Nick Steinman   573-721-1306


  1. I got married in June 2010 shortly after Nick and Becky took this hall over. They are absolutely fantastic. They work with you on every aspect. The hall went through 2 owners prior to them while we were planning the wedding so it was very nerve wrecking for awhile. After Nick and Becky took over our nerves were calmed. The hall is very nice, dim lighting on the side. Their food was wonderful and very reasonably priced. Their service was amazing. This is a gorgeous place to have a wedding. We had ours outside facing the lake and it was beautiful. - Tabatha and Adam

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  4. I would like to say thanks to all of you My family try to have a one stop we offer center peices to prevent you to have to buy them and we have a nice kitchen with a Ice macheine now. Not to mention the big lake with lights all the way around with a nice country setting with 10 acres

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